About Us

We feel that ATV Bags should be as rugged and durable as the ATV that you are riding. We use tough rubberized fabrics on the exterior, for years of wear and tear. Inside the bags, we use a heavy PVC-backed fabric to resist tears or pokes with sharp edges. We want all of our bags to be completely watertight, waterproof, and leak-proof. We build into each and every bag several layers of waterproofing technology. Simplicity is also a very important factor, so we make our bags very simple to use, simple to attach and remove from an ATV, and simple to access your gear. You will find oversized rack connector buckles that you can use with your gloves on, extra large compression cords to securely hold your jacket or whatever else you want to lash to the bag, and oversized grab handles for ease of use. Lastly, we feel that all riding gear should be safe. For this reason we have ergonomically designed our bags to allow you, the rider, to see over the top of each every bag we make. You will notice that all of our bags are contoured, sloped, and shaped. This aids in the ability to see the trail in front of you and behind you. With all this technology employed into each and every bag, we feel that our bags are the toughest, most waterproof, and simplest bags available. See your local ATV store and see for yourself, or if a store in your area is not available, feel free to shop on our web site with us.