New Product Launch

Well, it has been a long time coming. We have finally finished up our Spring 2011 product line and all the test reviews are in. The Bazooka and the Skyline are real winners according to everyone who has tested these new bags and helped in the refinement processes. I have taken a minute to list the features of the 2011 lineup on the Bazooka and the Skyline.

2011 Bazooka & Skyline Rear Rack Bags

The Bazooka gets a facelift for 2011. We have done away with the neoprene dust seals. These seals worked absolutely great on the 2010 product line keeping the rain, mud and dust out. We were not sure if we could make any improvements over the 2010 design. We did make the following changes, however. The 2011 line of rear rack bags gets a semi-hard shell enclosure lid and 3 fabric dust seals under the lid. This allowed us to move the map pockets from inside the lid to the underlying face of the bag right under the semi-hard shell lid. This has made it easier for folks to access their map without the need to get inside the bag. Dust, moisture and mud are still at a loss for trying to get to your gear is it is practically impossible to do so. When you are in a serious downpour you still can access the exterior pocket rainfly and cover the entire bag including the rear rack for absolute water-proof protection. We feel that you will find that all of our bags will stand up the elements that mother nature can throw at you. For this reason we classify our bags as Expedition Grade. Thanks for being the best part of Quadra. Enjoy your bags and by all means let us know what we can do to improve. Send us pics and we will post them up on the New Gallery. Have a great day.

Jarrod Barr