Warranty Information
About our Limited Lifetime Warranty Program

QuadraGear, Inc. offers a
limited lifetime warranty on the products it manufactures. We pride ourselves on our manufacturing quality. If a product is damaged, or does not perform properly to our manufacturing specifications, we will gladly replace or repair the item(s). Please follow the return guidelines below so we may properly serve your needs.

The exception to the limited lifetime warranty is regarding any damage from a shipping carrier. QuadraGear, Inc. is not responsible for any item(s) damaged by the shipping carrier. We make every effort possible to ensure your order is packed securely. In the event that a package arrives damaged, please report any damaged parcels immediately to the shipping carrier who delivered your order. If any item(s) are damaged in shipping, please advise us so we may also report it to the shipping carrier. If you wish to have the item(s) replaced please advise us. In the event that an item is damaged in shipping, it will be the responsibility of the shipper to pay the replacement cost of the item, not QuadraGear, Inc.
Please Note: QuadraGear, Inc. will only pay for replacements, and (or) repairs to item(s) providing the item(s) were damaged due to a manufacturing flaw.

If an item needs to be replaced or repaired due to a manufacturing flaw please follow the procedure below:
  • For Repairs, Returns, Exchanges and Warranties please call 1-208-461-8888 for customer service.
  • Explain the issue to the customer service associate. Based upon the discussion with the customer service associate, you will be assigned a Return Authorization Number.
  • If it is determined that an item(s) need to returned, repaired, or exchanged under our warranty guidelines, then send the item(s) to the following address:

QuadraGear, Inc.
Attn: Returns Department

2212 Cortland Place
Nampa, Idaho 83687

  • Please write a brief description of the issue, and the discussion with the customer service associate and include it in the package that you are shipping back to us along with the Return Authorization Number (we use this number to track your warranty process).
  • Package the item(s) securely and send the item(s) to us by UPS, FedEx or other insured parcel post.
  • When we receive the item(s) we will promptly replace, repair, exchange, or warranty the item(s) as per the pre-determined course of action based upon the discussion between you and the customer service associate.

Note: All products manufactured do have a life expectancy under which they will perform and function normally. We do employ manufacturing techniques that allow our products to have a higher then normal life expectancy, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on everything we produce. However, based upon normal wear and tear, and how heavy and frequent of a user you are with your product or item(s), will determine the actual life expectancy. We do not warranty items that finally fail due to normal wear and tear. Our warranty policy covers you, the customer, under circumstances where the product fails pre-maturely due to a manufacturing flaw.

We do not warranty our products where the product has been used for a purpose not intended for its use. For example: an ATV Bag should be mounted correctly and used to hold gear that fits correctly inside the bags. Any other use will void the warranty and
will not be subject to our warranty policies. Lastly, QuadraGear, Inc. will not be held responsible for any accident or injury incurred by the misuse of the product, item(s).